Frequently asked questions

If I can't pick my product up from you, do you deliver?

I cannot deliver succulents as it requires a licence which we have not yet purchased, so pick ups only at the moment. We can, however, post candles and wax melts. postage cost is extra and will be calculated on an individual basis - please email if you wish to know arrange postage.

How does lockdown affect me getting my product?

In accordance with the rules set out by the Welsh Government, businesses can provide an online or telephone delivery service, even if they are required to close. Unlike in earlier lockdowns, at alert level 4, all shops and other types of businesses required to close can offer “click and collect” or similar services. To reduce the number of journeys people make, all goods and services should be ordered in advance online, by telephone or mail order. All reasonable measures must be put in place to ensure a 2 metre distance is maintained between people on the premises, as well as people waiting to enter the premises. During a Tier 4 lockdown, you can collect your product if you live local to the Ynysforgan area, maintaining a 2m distance at all times and wearing a face covering. However, if you live outside of Swansea, I am able to deliver but a delivery fee will be added, even if you order comes to under £20.

Do you offer an aftercare service?

Absolutely. Although succulents are generally very easy to look after, they do require a certain amount of sunlight and water so I will always be available for advice following purchases for as long as needed.

Do you grow all of your own succulents?

I grow most of them from seeds, leaves or babies, yes. However, I also send away for rarer leaves to propagate from or full plants with intention of future propagation. The goal is to provide local customers with a wider selection so I am currently building my network through the world to help make this happen.

What exactly is Stacey's special soil mix?

Succulents must live in soil that provides a lot of drainage as roots can rot if the soil is holding too much water. This is more likely in planters without a drainage hole. My mix is made up of Alpine soil, perlite and coarse sand. Anyone can mix these up and use them but it's all in the quantities that makes it particularly special!

Why should I get my succulents from you and not a garden centre?

I try to offer a much larger selection of succulents than is usually found in a South Wales garden centre. My succulents have been raised with the correct amount of care and attention they need to thrive so are generally very healthy before they go to a customer. I provide my special soil mix to help aid growth and deep roots - you won't find this with local garden centre succulents. I provide a wide range of pots to match customer taste, including one-of-a-kind, hand-painted pots. I also top the soil with decorative stones. The main reason for these is not just to look complete, but to help protect the lower leaves of the succulents from getting wet after watering and rotting. All of the above means that once you have your Stacey's Succulents product, there is little more you need to do to it apart from keep it near sunlight and water it from time to time. There shouldn't be any further transplanting needed.

Why do you use Soy Wax for making candles?

All our candles are made from environmentally-friendly Soy wax, which is a natural, renewable resource. Soy wax burns with zero petro soot. Soy wax is also an excellent fragrance carrier that does not require chemical amplifiers. The result is a well-balanced, cleaner-burning, true-to-scent product. Perfect for any room of the house!