Have Your Succulents Got a Drinking Problem?

I felt the need to write a blog on this as a few, succulent-loving friends have recently seen a rather unfortunate end to their succulents after suffering the curse of the water spray. In their defence, and I am definitely on their side here, there’s not a lot of obvious information on the internet regarding how exactly to water your succulent - it mainly concentrates on frequency.

The fact of the matter is, succulent leaves don’t like to get wet, and they certainly don’t like to STAY wet! By spraying your succulent, most of the water droplets end up resting on the succulent leaves until they evaporate. Whilst there, they will start to slowly rot the leaves. When watering succulents, it’s their roots that are their ‘mouth.’ If you were thirsty, you wouldn’t spray water on your arm and hope your body absorbs it to quench your thirst? It’s the same for them.

The key is to water the soil around the base of the succulent, avoiding the leaves if you can. On the occasion you ending up splashing the leaves and water droplets form, simply blow or wipe the water away. I personally love using this contraption below, who I’ve named Dave, which I’m almost certain I bought on Amazon…

Sempervivums and Sedums which are hardy enough to live outside in the UK are of course going to get their leaves wet. We do live in Britain after all! Being outside though, the leaves tend to dry quickly with the wind or the sun. That doesn’t happen indoors, so make sure you’re not spraying your succulent and certainly not watering its leaves directly!

There are instances however, where a water sprayer is the ideal option. Running a business, I’m obviously big on leaf propagation. When I’m resting my leaves on soil and watching them grow over the months, they require a few gentle sprays every day to moisten the top of the soil. On my leaves with a larger surface area, I use Dave to blow away any resting droplets from the spray so they don’t rot.

I hope this blog hasn’t bored you too much but it needed to be said, for the sake of succulents out there and the future happiness of my friends!

Here endeth the lesson.

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