Plant comes in a beautiful white, ceramic pot with drainage hole and bamboo tray to fit the base and collect any water. 

Echeveria Chrissy’n’Ryan is a rare hybrid between Echeveria Prolifica and Echeveria Setosa Var. Deminuta. It was originally created by Roy Mottram in the U.K.

It has fleshy, compact leaves that end with an apex tip. They are green to start off but when exposed to direct sunlight, they take on a beautiful pink shade, especially as the leaf edges. 

Make sure Chrissy’n’Ryan is exposed to lots of light and only water when the soil is bone dry.
Every 2-3 weeks in winter should suffice. We suggest popping it outside in the warmer months to witness some fabulous growth and colour!

Echeveria Chrissy ‘n’ Ryan